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Stealing Buddha's Dinner

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You are so important. So special. So loved. You matter and every decision you make affects those around you, positively or negatively-- you have influence. You have opportunity. You have a future ahead of you that is bursting with the fullness of all the possibilities. Your choices have the power to alter the way you experience tomorrow and the way you experience the rest of your life. You are in control. And I believe in you.

If you ever need advice, someone to listen to you, or just to vent-- about ANYTHING-- I will happily volunteer! I love you so much. <3

But you will remember me for centuries… 
Sep 23 16:00 ( 1420 )

S o l i t u d e   i s   t h e   o n l y   p e a c e .

Sep 23 15:32 ( 2498 )


Matt Smith - Fan Expo Canada (x)

Sep 23 15:05 ( 3729 )

"This" life is so exciting on a daily basis. Everything’s so dramatic every day, and it’s the end of the world every week … On an off day, I find that I get bored quickly, like, "Where’s the Cybermen?"                                                                                                -Jenna Coleman

Sep 23 14:37 ( 414 )

I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Sep 23 14:10 ( 4248 )
Sep 23 13:42 ( 1608 )


Peter Capaldi, GQ Men Of The Year Awards (x)

Sep 23 13:14 ( 1731 )


don’t let it slip away

Sep 23 12:46 ( 3597 )

next stop e v e r y w h e r e 

Sep 23 12:19 ( 9012 )

What a queen she would’ve made.

Sep 23 11:51 ( 2462 )